Equipment Repair

Multifunction Equipments Repair

Protect your business with Technology force’s comprehensive services.

Once the electronic equipments are implemented, the last thing your business needs is heavy downtime due to fault or broken equipment. You invest valuable time and money into a system, and any time spent waiting for repairs is costly, which is why Technology force offers wide range of repair and services of dot matrix printer, thermal printer, scanning devices and other different type of equipments to fit the needs of business. With options ranging from simple break-fix to on-site service, Technology force has the expertise to ensure your business stays up and running and your production lines keep moving.

Technology Force: Maintenance and Repair Services

Electronic equipments are essential part of your business or any organization. We disassemble the device and clean all the tools to inspect the critical parts. After disassembly, all parts are inspected determine the replacement needs so cover your important assets with Technology Force’s services.

Technology Force ensures the quality, reliability and trust worthy performance that you expect. Our trained, certified technicians are available on-site 24/7 to deliver mission-critical support.


Technology Force’s prime service plan is break-fix/depot repair that allows you to call and deliver the broken equipment or devices to us. If you find that equipment is not working, you can contact Technology Force and send the items in our repair and maintenance department. We’ll repair your equipment and deliver it to the recipients. Break-fix support provides companies with a reliable, cost-effective method of equipment repair as well as a feeling of comfort. Technology Force offers on-site annual maintenance services contracts from our trained technical team.

Technology Force: Maintenance and Repair Services

Technology Force has expertise to provide you repair and services for circuit boards, power supplies, bar code readers, displays, integrated PCBA testing and inspection services, in-circuit testing (ICT). Electronic repair services include heat testing of temperature sensitive components, comprehensive anti-static testing, inspection and wafer sorting. We also offer surplus parts and remanufacturing services for obsolete components.