Industries Served

Technology Force serves a number of industries, custom-tailoring our products to meet your specific application needs.

We bring expertise and experience to the banking industries, Retail & hospitality markets. We a pply our knowledge of new product uses across industry applications. Often, we combine our component-specific expertise and manufacturing know-how with your industry-specific understanding to develop the unique solution to meet the challenges you face. And, we continue to expand our product offerings through research and development and acquisitions to meet your needs. In this way, we build trust across industries and deliver high quality solutions.

Banking Industry

Technology Force provides banks and other financial institutions with a robust set of products and services to better serve their customers. We also understand the unique nature and complexity of your banking needs. Our solutions help you grow profitability as well as customer satisfaction.

We are at the forefront of the banking and financial services sector in Pakistan. We have an extensive and varied range of products and services for the commercial banks, central banks, supranational and development banks. Our product and services accommodate financial needs and requirements.

Products and Services

  • Multifunction dot matrix printer
  • Thermal printer
  • Check scanner
  • Document scanner
  • UPS services
  • Network cabling
  • Securities camera

Retail & Hospitality

Technology Force has full range of retail solutions to meet the specific needs of retailers, public commercial concerns, operators in the leisure/entertainment business: cash registers, POS workstations and video surveillance systems. The offer is completed with specialized printer peripherals for every type of user, from the small shopkeeper to the mass merchandise. We are committed to provide cost effective Restaurant automation solution for the retail industries. Our solution covers all sales and operational activities from the point of sales to back office requirement at the outlets.

Considering the significant competition and plethora of goods available, the consistency of the customer shopping experience becomes an important factor in creating customer satisfaction and loyalty. Beyond the quality of merchandise, customers expect efficient services, stock availability and access to the latest models, releases and trends.

Outlet Operations and Management

In an eclectic retail environment, the availability of products and efficient customer service are essential ingredients for creating a positive customer experience. Technology Force is dedicated to helping you achieve high growth and performance by deploying value-creating ideas and industr y best practices to help you effectively manage any retail outlet, from a small single setup to multi-outlet businesses.
  • Boost profitability and improve operations efficiency
  • Better customer-facing service
  • Enhanced customer connectivity
  • Increased distribution effectiveness

Business operations

  • Continuous business growth
  • Increased organizational productivity
  • Better management and cost control