Thermal Paper Roll

ATM Receipt Roll

ATM receipt rolls are a type of thermal paper rolls that are used as receipts in ATM transactions.

This paper is soft, smooth, and have a white colo r. Their surface is coated with chemicals that can change the color of the paper. ATM prints out a receipt of the transaction on thermal paper. Thermal papers are used worldwide for many purposes since they are cheaper, easier to use and more convenient in many transactions.

ATM Journal Roll

Thermal Receipt roll is one of the most commonly used thermal paper size, which is used in different transaction slip and b ill printer machines. Also the thermal receipt rolls are very easy to handle. Unlike the conventional paper rolls, thermal paper can be easily loaded and aligned and it is also very flexible to manipulate. The 80mm thermal rolls are of superior quality and fit into many thermal docket printer brands.

Cash Register Rolls

Cash register thermal paper roll can be used for credit and debit card machines, portable Point-of-Sale systems, Automatic Teller Machines (ATMs), long-term storage documents, generating lottery tickets. There are many benefits of using thermal paper rolls, The print-out will be more readable, clear, and is more distinct the other printing papers.

Custom Printing Paper Rolls

Custom printing paper rolls is not a “throw away” stuff, but a magic widget. We can print whatever you want on the paper sides, they can be your company Logo, trademark, website, additional service, claim & return policy, coupon code, promotion activity, etc. It can be a efficient but a economic way to prompt your brand and deepen your brand impression for your customer.